Experience ultimate in relaxtion, rebalancing and awakeing of the senses.  Enjoy your massage therapist working on your body in synergy is guaranteed to transform you from “human doing” to “human being”, from reality to tranquility, the ultimate in re-energising and rebalamcing, and returning to you, your mind, body and soul.

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Visible Changes Wellness Massage – $100 (60 mins)

Benefits and Inclusions:

Massage therapy is a time honored, ancient wellness regime which has many levels of benefits from relieving stress, improving circulation, reducing muscular tension and relieving the negative effects of everyday stress which is an inherent part of modern day living. Massage is a powerful way of restoring the body’s flow of energy and is a vital tool used to enhance your state of well being.

Our expert certified therapists will restore your sense of well being with customised combinations of deep tissue, shiatsu, swedish and manual lymph drainage techniques designed to counter balance the effects of everyday stress. We offer a variety of massage treatments to suit you and your time frame, so please advise us of your needs and we will recommend the appropriate massage for you.

All massage treatments begin with you laying down to relax, breathe deeply, listen to the relaxing music and allow our expert hands dissolve your cares and aches away. Surrender yourself to a self-renewal for your mind, body and spirit by indulging and awakening the senses, allowing yourself to be pampered and revitalised…experience an awakening of your senses…mind, body and spirit.

Our massage therapists will use long soothing strokes, gentle to deep kneading or finger pressure on tense muscle areas or active and passive movements in the joints to relieve physical or mental stress and deliver to you the ultimate state of relaxation.

Our method incorporates a combination of precision massage movements using custom blended aromatic essential oils and balms to promote a sense of inner peace and restore even the most tired of bodies.

Visible Changes Recovery Massage – $120 (75 mins)

An extended version of our famous wellness massage for those requiring more intensive therapy.

Visible Changes Tension Relief Massage – $60 (30 mins)

With only a few moments to spare from your busy schedule, this abridged version to our wellness massage selectively targets your back, neck, arms, shoulders to instantly relieve stress and tension while soothing tired aching muscles.

For centuries now, spa body therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects. The body, just like the face also needs regular care. Visible Changes body treatments are recognised as being unique, specific and above all, highly effective using products that are ecologically balanced with the purity, perfection and luxury of natures greatest gifts.

Any questions, please call our helpful staff on (08) 8223 7633 Adelaide or (08) 8235 0401 Findon