Our Story

Tucked away in stylish Rundle Street in the heart of Adelaide, Visible Changes has established itself as one of the city’s leaders in beauty and non-surgical skin treatments. More than a beauty salon, Visible Changes is a unique sanctuary for relaxation and indulgence. Our skin, health, and body wellness treatments are not only designed to spoil and pamper, but to address specific skin concerns.

Visible Changes was created in response to today’s demand for innovative and effective skin care Adelaide, hair removal and body wellness treatments, yielding maximum results in minimum time – and most importantly – at a realistic price.

With the talented and experienced Teresa Russo at the helm, our clinic has grown significantly since its humble beginnings as a small suburban salon in Seaton. Outgrowing that premises within 18 months, we moved to a more accommodating space in Findon where the Clinic blossomed and branched out into locations in Adelaide Arcade and Flinders Street.

We take pride in the fact that when you choose Visible Changes you are receiving the highest quality treatment for your individual skin needs. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and trust is vital to establishing these fruitful connections. As a client with Visible Changes, your skin, body, and soul’s objectives become our focus and reason for being.

This philosophy has carried Visible Changes through to our current CBD location in Rundle Street where we have been awarded many excellence accolades, and are often considered the benchmark of beauty services & skin care in Adelaide. Now branching off into more beauty and grooming services, the Clinic has incorporated specialised departments such as ShowOffs Lash & Brow Bar and Electric Beach Spray Tanning treatments on site.

Despite Visible Changes’ enormous amount of success, the choice was made not to franchise. Instead, maintaining our name as an innovative clinic with confidence in our individual approach to each client.

As the first beauty & skin care Adelaide clinic to offer transdermal electrolysis, skin peeling, laser hair removal, laser and eye peels, Visible Changes has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology. Our commitment to ongoing staff training ensures the highest levels of professionalism, client comfort, hygiene, and excellence in all treatments offered. We provide unparalleled results utilising the latest innovative skin care, body wellness, and hair removal technology.

Positioning ourselves as leaders in the industry, Visible Changes is dedicated towards maintaining this pioneering legacy through their skin care Adelaide line as well. Visible Changes Cosmeceuticals is a result driven range that is proudly safe, effective, cruelty free, with no known carcinogens.

Each product is tailored and formulated with the correct dose of a specific ingredient for a particular role at a cellular level. They are not made with ingredients in name only. These products are tried and tested with proven, astonishing results.

Teresa’s wealth of knowledge and experience has greatly influenced the makeup of Visible Changes skincare range. Our focus is to give the client the best possible treatment and products on offer. The amount of client recommendations the clinic boasts is a testament to the customised and result-driven treatments Visible Changes provides. This makes us the top skin care Adelaide service providers.

Priding ourselves on being one of Adelaide’s most trusted and reputable clinics, Visible Changes is a beauty haven where staff are dedicated to nurturing your best possible self. With an intimate understanding that physical appearances are often deeply tied up with confidence and self-esteem, Visible Changes is passionate about your results and complete fulfilment with the experience.

With Visible Changes you truly are in capable and trustworthy hands.