Eyelashes Extension Adelaide

Do You Want Show Stopping Eyelashes?

The eyes are the main focal point of the face, and when they are enhanced with long, beautiful eyelashes, it gives you an instant makeover. Here at our Adelaide day spa and beauty clinic, Visible Changes, we specialise in making you look and feel beautifully confident with our glamorous eyelash extensions in Adelaide.

eyelash extensions being glued on


We’re are all about offering the highest quality services and products, that’s why we have created our very own eyelash extension brand known as ‘VisibleLashes’. So you can trust our expertise. The Visible Changes point of difference is our lashes look natural and do not irritate your eyes.

You can choose how you want your eyelash extensions – whether you are looking to fill sparse lashes, want a more fuller look, or perhaps dramatise your eye area – Visible Changes have the right look for you.

True Professionals

All our practitioners are fully accredited and qualified eyelash extension Adelaide specialists. In fact, Visible Changes’ expertise is so coveted, we are often called upon to fix up poor quality work other unprofessional salons have performed!

Plus, we offer a detailed consultation process that allows us to easily identify what you want so we can customise the right VisibleLashes for you. Our Adelaide beauty clinic and day spa is all about meeting your desired needs and going the extra mile to achieve natural results.

We are more than confident you will be delighted with our stunning VisibleLashes eyelash extensions. They’re gorgeous, natural looking and weightless. Our very own VisibleLashes do not clump, or stick together, giving you a beautiful, natural appearance at the best beauty clinic and day spa Adelaide has to offer.

For more information please visit our eyelash and eyebrow website, ShowOffs Lash and Brow Bar.

Close up photo of a womens eye before and after eye lash extensions.