Threading is an ancient hair removal technique where antibacterial cotton is used in a distinct method to remove facial hair. Our Adelaide beauty clinic specialises in brow shaping and defining beautiful brows. At our ShowOffs division of Visible Changes, our highly trained threading artists twist the cotton and roll the thread over the skin, gently lifting the entire hair from the follicle.

This technique is a great alternative to waxing, especially with those more prone to sensitive skin. Threading is especially good for those undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments and acne treatments, as it causes less irritation for the skin.

The greatest thing about our ShowOffs Adelaide Threading services is that it is chemical-free. The only materials utilised in the treatment is the special antibacterial cotton. This means it is safer; leaving you with smoother, fresher skin that can last up to 4-6 weeks. Our expert threading is perfect for eyebrows and your other facial hair removal Adelaide needs.

Here at our Adelaide beauty spa clinic, Visible Changes, we understand just how overwhelming the amount of choice available on the beauty market can be. In fact, we know this better than anyone…

As the first Adelaide day spa and most established laser clinic and beauty salon, we have watched first hand as the city has become inundated with salon after salon – very few of them doing the job right, and most of them not even sticking around for very long!