Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal treatments for freedom from unwanted body hair

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal is the most effective and efficient way to experience permanent hair reduction. We use the latest in laser hair removal technology to bring you a permanent reduction of unwanted hair in any of your body areas. Permanent hair reduction is guaranteed to save you time and money, allow you to avoid the pain from ingrown hairs and waxing, and suits a range of skin types from sensitive to stubborn.

You'll be running to throw out your razors and wax strips after just one laser hair removal session with Viable Changes.

Hair reduction through IPL laser hair removal treatment works through a laser emitting light onto the skin and hairs on the treatment area. When the skin senses these pulses of laser light, the melanin of the skin absorbs the energy and converts the energy to heat, damaging the hair follicles and preventing further hair growth. The process must be performed by a qualified technician and can take up to 8 sessions to complete but results may be seen as early as the first treatment. Laser hair removal is ultimately a harmless, reliable, and cost-effective solution to removing unwanted body hair and ensuring it doesn't grow back. Our medical-grade lasers are safe for any skin type and our qualified and educated technicians can work with a range of skin tones to achieve tailor-made results.

Hair reduction through IPL laser treatments is the longest-lasting solution to removing unwanted body hair yet requires maintenance to be a permanent solution.

Depending on the area of the body, your hair type, and the pigment in the hair, laser treatments can halt the growth phase of your hairs semi-permanently, with maintenance sessions required once or twice a year after your initial full series of treatments. Your initial treatment cycle can take up to nine months with treatments every six weeks up to 8 sessions in total. Those with light skin and dark hair commonly experience better results than those with darker skin. This is due to the laser potentially targeting the melanin in darker skin rather than just the colour of the hair follicle. An experienced technician is required to navigate the laser to avoid damaging the skin or causing ingrown hairs and burns.

The hair removal from IPL hair reduction treatments can last from 6 months to a year with no maintenance.

The hair follicles are halted from growth through the heat supplied by the laser during your laser treatment sessions. This dormancy causes the hair to grow much slower than usual and the hair that does grow back to be thinner, lighter, and to cover less of the skin area. The hair follicles are located just under the skin and are easily targeted by the laser with results visible after just one treatment. The rate at which your hair grows in between treatments depends on the phase of growth the hair was in during your last treatment. The laser is most effective when it can target the hair follicle during its growth period.

Hair removal is suitable and safe for many treatment areas of the body, including the bikini line, facial hair, chest, back, upper lip, the 'snail trail' and shoulders.

Hair removal performed by an experienced and qualified technician should have little to no side effects, and there are some things you can do in the weeks prior to treatment to improve the experience and encourage the best results:

  • Come freshly showered and without oils, creams or skin treatments applied to the area being treated.
  • Shave the area being treated completely before your appointment. Never wax or tweeze before your appointment to ensure the hair follicle is still present for the laser to target.
  • Avoid sun exposure in the days and weeks before your treatments and use SPF daily to protect from UV rays.
  • Avoid products that include retinol or salicylic acid and the treatment areas must be clear of any fake tan.
  • Do not have botox treatments, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion within two weeks prior to your treatment.

After your treatment, it is common to experience some tenderness and swelling, especially in tender areas such as the upper lip or bikini line, but the pain should be no more than that of sunburn. After your laser session, it is integral to take the right steps for post-treatment care, these can include:

  • Use over the counter topical solutions to soothe the areas affected
  • Avoid sun or UV exposure, which can cause permanent pigment damage or changes to the texture of your skin
  • Continue using good quality SPF protection
  • Follow the instructions from your laser specialist if you need oral medications or specific follow up care for your skin type
  • Only apply gentle cleaners and natural lotions to your skin
  • Don't forget to book your next IPL laser treatment within 4-6 weeks of each session

IPL laser treatments are typically quick and easy, and relatively pain-free thanks to the cooling system in our state-of-the-art, medical-grade laser system. We work to give you the safest and most comfortable hair removal experience possible, and we provide you with a free consultation to ensure you are a candidate for treatment, based on your desired hair reduction areas, hair type, and skin type.

We are experienced with many different skin types and skin tones, rates of hair growth, and types of hair, and we have been providing excellent hair removal treatments to the people of Adelaide for over 20 years.

We are experts in hair removal and love to work with you to bring you the best in hair reduction in Adelaide.

IPL laser hair removal is an innovative, non-intrusive, and impactful solution to your hair issues. Laser hair removal will result in smooth, clear, and hairless skin, and will save you pain, time, and effort in the long run. Here at Viable Changes, we are the pioneers of IPL laser hair removal, with decades of experience in treating both men and women across all areas of their body. Our lasers are safe, effective, and offer a comfortable experience with minimal pain and discomfort, and our technicians are some of the most highly trained in their field while being friendly and down to earth.

You can feel confident walking into Visible Changes for your treatments, and even more confident leaving with your new hair-free body. We treat all clients with respect and discretion, and we are excited to walk with you to reach your goals with laser hair removal.

To book an appointment, for a price list, to purchase gift cards, or to enquire further about our services, contact us through email at or call us on (08) 8223 7633.

We cant wait to help you feel and look your best, with the safest and most effective hair reduction, and the ultimate solution for complete hair removal.

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