CPT Thermage

CPT Thermage Adelaide
Our CPT Thermage Adelaide treatment is an exceptionally effective, non-surgical skin tightening process that works to counteract the negative effects of ageing. The clinically proven method works to reinvigorate your sagging skin through collagen production, immediately leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin.

Saphira CPT Thermage Adelaide

There is no better feeling than being comfortable in your own skin, and with a little help from our Saphira CPT Thermage experts, it is all exclusively possible right here at Visible Changes, our Adelaide beauty clinic.

Our Saphira CPT Thermage Adelaide treatment works to lift and tighten your skin with instant results to reveal a fresher, energised, more glowing you. Just one single treatment will deliver optimum results with your skin immediately looking more youthful and invigorated.

The best part is the results following this non-surgical skin tightening Adelaide method will continue to progress and improve for 6-12 months, and can last up to five years. The Saphira Thermage method provides such revolutionary results Vogue’s beauty editors voted it ‘Best Non-surgical Skincare & Thermage Expert’ in 2015.

The Experts

Saphira’s clinical director, Christiana O’Regan is a celebrated Thermage practitioner with over 20 years experience in the cosmetic industry. She is renowned for her innovation in the Saphira CPT Thermage Adelaide method that continually yields unrivalled results. Her precise and effective techniques have garnered a legion of high profile fans all over Australia with Vogue’s beauty editors voting it the best non-surgical skincare Adelaide and Thermage experience in the country.

After performing thousands of CPT Thermage procedures Christiana has now passed on her expert technique and wealth of knowledge to Visible Changes Principal, Teresa Russo, and her skilled team. The exclusive group of practitioners, personally trained by Christiana, imbue her same dedication and expertise to CPT Thermage Adelaide, and provide solutions for skin tightening treatments Adelaide at Visible Changes.

A private and free consultation can be arranged to review and understand more about the Saphira method’s outstanding results at our Visible Changes beauty clinic Adelaide.

Celebrity Endorsed

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen DeGeneres, and Linda Evangelista have in common? Well, apart from being considered some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, they all swear by the latest advancements in CPT Thermage technology.

These celebrities are among the millions of people around the globe openly praising the incredible skin tightening results Thermage treatments produce. Now available at Visible Changes’ Adelaide beauty clinic, this technology provides a welcome alternative to successfully managing sagging skin without having to go under the knife.

The Sagging Skin Effect

As we get older, our skin begins to loose its elasticity, and as a result sagging becomes more and more evident. This loss of volume or slackness is due to to collagen depletion deep in the skin’s dermis layer. Our Adelaide CPT Thermage treatment works by contracting your skin’s elastin fibres to effectively reverse these negative effects of ageing.

While dermal fillers and injections momentarily smooth facial lines and soften creasing around the eyes and forehead, CPT Thermage Adelaide works to non-surgically treat the skin on your arms, knees, thighs, stomach, eyes, jawline, or neck. The treatment stimulates your body’s tissue to produce more collagen and elastin, volumising your skin’s appearance, for a more natural and long-lasting result.

One single treatment with our Adelaide CPT Thermage techniques entails either:

  • Tightening and lifting of sagging skin
  • Smoothing of cellulite dimples
  • Enhancement of skin texture
  • Volumising of lines and wrinkles

Achieving The Natural Look

Determining whether to seek treatment for sagging skin can be an incredibly daunting experience. This is largely due to the unnatural, frozen skin tightening look we are often confronted with when considering Botox, temporary fillers, laser resurfacing, and surgical methods.

That’s why at our Visible Changes beauty clinic Adelaide we are dedicated to making you feel comfortable in your own skin through reliable, non-surgical treatments Adelaide. Tissue stimulators like CPT Thermage offer a natural and longer-lasting alternative to reinvigorating your sagging skin.

How Thermage Works

The CPT Thermage technique involves radio waves that penetrate deep into the dermis layer of skin to encourage collagen contraction. This heated collagen stimulation process for skin rejuvenation works continuously over 6-12 months to ensure your skin is revitalised and glowing for an extended period of time.

Our Adelaide CPT Thermage experience is so effective, only one treatment is required to immediately lift and tighten sagging skin. Your reflection in the mirror can now reveal a younger, fresher looking you in just one session.

Always on top of the latest industry advancements, Saphira is the first clinic in Australia to offer the innovative ‘Total Tip’ Thermage techniques. Imparting this knowledge on to Teresa Russo and her professional team, Visible Changes is now Adelaide’s foremost clinic practising the new ‘Total Tip’ method.

The new and improved ‘Total Tip’ system delivers double the heating volume without any increased discomfort. This is achieved through more evenly dispersed heat energy to allow for more tissue and collagen to be stimulated. By harnessing the increased heating profile, the ‘Total Tip’ Thermage treatment works to deliver the finest results for skin tightening and lifting ever.

Computerised Photographic Skin Analysis

In order to deeply uncover an intimate understanding of your skin’s needs, Visible Changes’ practitioners exclusively utilise an impressive computerised photographic skin system to analyse your skin before your CPT Thermage treatment Adelaide. The state-of-the-art method measures your personal development throughout the individually tailored range of treatments.

All clients visiting the Visible Changes Adelaide beauty clinic will receive a free consultation and computerised photographic skin analysis with this valuable technology. This diagnostic skin imaging involves regular monitoring and corresponding treatment adjustments to ensure the program yields the optimum skin tightening results for your skin and personal well-being.