Skin Diagnosis Adelaide

When was the last time a therapist really looked into your skin, not just at it?

Times have changed. The beauty industry is always advancing and now specialised non-surgical skin treatments – proven to get highly effective results without pain or downtime – are available. With these new technological advancements come new skin analysis processes.

Visible Changes, our Adelaide beauty clinic, is renowned for this innovative in depth consultation process. Our advanced diagnostic skin imaging technology allows us to effectively look into the deeper layers of the skin – not just the surface – to offer a truly remarkable free consultation experience.

A detailed skin consultation is imperative to identify the right treatment program tailor made to suit each individual need. The Visible Changes beauty clinic Adelaide practitioners use these evaluations to help in identifying treatment and product performance. These ongoing records ensure that we have the most comprehensive range of performance variables of treatments, skin care and technology, truly making us the best beauty clinic Adelaide has to offer.

The Ultimate in Computerised Skin Analysis

At Visible Changes beauty clinic Adelaide we understand that in order to evaluate and offer solutions to all skin issues including acne, pigmentation and anti-ageing, it is important that we use scientific tools to assist us in a detailed skin analysis. These detailed skin consultations also accurately measure ongoing treatment progress and results.

Our trained Visible Changes beauty clinic Adelaide practitioners use a state-of-the-art, computerised, photographic skin analysis system. Our system assists us in providing the deepest possible understanding of your skin to measure your response and progress in a personally tailored range of treatments for true skin rejuvenation.

Better Care with Skin Imaging Diagnosis

Among the many variables that contribute to the total condition of your skin, six are critical in choosing the right treatments and skin care support programs. The Visible Changes skin analysis system evaluates the placement and extent of each of them.

They include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Spots and red facial capillaries
  • Pore size
  • Skin tone
  • Variations in bacterial content
  • UV spots indicating sun damage

The Difference Between a ‘Consultation’ and a Detailed Skin Analysis

A detailed skin analysis allows us to effectively offer you the very best skin consultation any Adelaide beauty spa offers. As a result, we are able to delve deep within the skin to find underlying root causes to many dermal skin ailments.

When dealing with non-surgical yet highly effective TGA machinery, it’s important to understand what is happening in the deeper layers of the skin to effectively offer the best solution possible. This is why Visible Changes is able to achieve such amazing results with our diagnostic skin imaging, because we treat the skin issue’s cause –not just the after effects which are present on the skin’s surface.

Digital Imaging and Comprehensive Reporting 

Our diagnostic skin imaging system starts with a digital RGB and ultraviolet photograph of your face. These images are used to do a series of detailed skin analysis reports to determine levels of existing skin damage and irregularities.

Your trained technician uses these reports to document the condition of your skin and prepare an appropriate treatment and skin care plan that best suits your personal improvement goals for skin rejuvenation.

Using this initial diagnosis and comparing reports from future skin analysis helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment programs and where necessary, make appropriate amendments.

Yesterday’s skin consultation for today’s solution doesn’t work anymore. There is a vast difference when looking at a ‘good’ consultation and a deep skin analysis. Visible Changes is the only beauty clinic in South Australia to use such advanced computerised technology.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of today’s non-surgical technology, only providing the very best services available. When dealing with this advanced skin analysis technology, we know what we are doing so you can trust you are getting the best treatment any Adelaide skin care clinic has to offer.