Differentiating HIFU from RF

Differentiating HIFU from RF

Did you know that our body’s collagen production slows down the moment we turn 25 years old? 

Yearly, collagen levels can drop up to 2%, depending on a person’s genetics and lifestyle! Luckily, treatments just like HIFU (High Intensity Infrared Ultrasound) and RF (Radio Frequency) can help your skin stay youthful, tight, and firm.

Before differentiating the two, let’s start with their similarities. Both HIFU & RF are nonsurgical treatments that heat the skin and its layers to induce collagen remodeling, which helps tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. On the other hand, the main difference between these two is the technology used.


RF or Radio Frequency delivers heat into your epidermal skin layers. It penetrates three millimeters deep into skin tissues using monopolar radiofrequency energy and uses a bulk-heating technique through a hand-held device. It stimulates collagen and elastin production on larger areas, best for tightening saggy skin and smoothing out wrinkles. You can also have anti-aging benefits from RF for a more youthful appearance as it triggers the skin’s wound-healing response and encourages cell turnover. Overall, RF firms and plumps your skin, reduces fine lines, shrinks enlarged pores, and can also help improve skin conditions such as acne.

RF treats skin laxity for facial tightening. It’s recommended for clients in their early twenties with mild to moderate facial tissue sagging. Excellent for facial rejuvenation, reshaping, and resituating facial musculature, it’s a better option for concerns on volume loss in delicate areas like drooping eyelids, as RF only reaches epidermal layers. This is achievable within several sessions for the first few months and one session of monthly maintenance.


HIFU or High Intensity Infrared Ultrasound, on the other hand, can reach comparatively deeper. Its high-intensity focused ultrasound energy reaches the SMAS layer and delivers high precision thermal coagulation. In response, your skin stimulates its deep dermal tissue to produce new compact collagen fibers leading to your skin’s tightening and improvement in elasticity and firmness. Wrinkles and lines become less visible, and your skin becomes smoother and shinier. All these are achieved by HIFU in a short period of time, with one treatment. The results are long-lasting and, on top of that, helps reduce double chin fat and prevent jowling. It also provides skin lifting and tightening, and cheek lift while improving overall skin quality and texture. 

After one treatment, skin tightening results are evident immediately, and your skin will continue improving! This is the regenerative process initiated through HIFU and will continue to unfold over the next two to six months.

Main Differences

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