What you need to know about fillers

What you need to know about fillers

Lips, being a symbol of sensuality, have brought people to get lip augmentation which is most commonly practiced through lip fillers. Celebrities and notable personalities have gone through this procedure, springing the public’s interest. With the hype around lip fillers, it’s due time to learn more about it. Let’s get into a discussion guided by Dr. Gavin Chan’s insights on where to draw the line on when lip fillers are considered acceptable and when they’ve gone too far. 

When are lip fillers too much?

Currently, the widely accepted amount of lip fillers is 1 milliliter, every six months. But this is actually too much and too often. Still, people do it due to the belief that lip fillers dissolve after three weeks since temporary hyaluronic fillers are used. But in reality, the lip fillers are just migrating upward to the nose, where they are no longer noticeable. Lip fillers are injected into the vermillion (the red part of your lips) and they have a tendency to move upwards as our lip muscles contract. This happens whenever we make use of our lips, when we talk, eat, etc. This has been proven through MRI scans of faces showing lip fillers that remained even after ten years. People who are unaware of this have the tendency to overfill their lips, thinking their lip fillers are gone after a given time frame.

How often and how much lip fillers should you get?

The more fillers you put into your lips, the more likely they become disproportionate. Although lip fillers are reversible with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, you still shouldn’t be getting lip fillers too often. The frequency of getting lip fillers should be several years apart. It is recommended that 1 milliliter of fillers is used all over the face and only a fraction should be portioned for the lips. Doing this also minimizes lip filler migration.

That said, instead of just following the norms or trends, practitioners and patients are encouraged to exercise aesthetic judgment. So use the smallest amount of filler on your lips and to achieve a balanced proportion between both your upper and lower lips. After all, when it comes to cosmetic procedures, a naturally balanced look is always the best choice.

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