Our Salon Doors are Open Again on the 1st of June

Teresa & the Team would like to thank all our amazing and wonderful clients for their overwhelming support throughout our closure.

Prevention and Preparation - Cleaning and Sanitation.

These are but not limited to

  • Client/patient chairs
  • Counters and hard surfaces.
  • Medical or implement trays
  • Doorknobs and other surfaces between each client visit.

Clients can further assist by following World Health Organization recommendations.

World Health Organization officials emphasizes that the best way to protect yourself against the Coronavirus is by washing your hands and avoid touching your face. Mucosal surfaces, your nose, eyes are the entry ways for this virus to infect.

If you are touching surfaces that can be contaminated, or close to some one who has coughed or sneezed, and then you touch your nose or you mouth, then you ultimately bringing that virus closer to contact with parts of your body that can get infected.

The standard procedure is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, however the World Health Organization has increased that to 40-60 seconds. Detergent is recommended because the virus is sensitive to detergent, soap will inactivate the virus.

The process of washing your hands also needs to very thorough, including washing carefully the back of your hands, the palms of your hands as well as between your fingers, wash under your nails if they are long.

More Information about dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19)